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27 Jun

There are many instances when working on the internet when it's important to Lookup the IP address of a home internet connection, the IP address of a website, or the IP address of incoming users to your website. The IP address is a common parameter that connects all users and computers to the internet. Countries, cities, states, and users have different IP Addresses and understanding how to better use IP Addresses can help you get ahead with your internet projects.

For one, being able to determine an IP Address in your code can you help display different information and content for people in different parts of the world. Coding IP Address tools into your website is a great way for geo-targeting ads, content, and listings on a website. Also, IP Address blocking can help you weed out users that come to your website and steal information or could be there to hack into your site. A good method of security on your website is to check the incoming IP Addresses and be aware of the ones that may be hitting your system too many times, as this could be a robot, a hacker or simply an IP Address that you would rather not have visiting your site.

There are many ways to look up an IP Address and one of them is a DNS Lookup. A DNS lookup can come in different shapes and forms including a forward DNS lookup, Reverse DNS Lookup, MX lookup, Geo Lookup and others.

A DNS Lookup is where you can use an Internet Domain name to find the IP address. There are some quick tools for doing this on the web that make it easy, and you can also look up the IP Address of a particular website or domain name by going to your command prompt and typing, ping www.websiteiwanttolookup.com. By entering the domain name, the ping will ping the web and return the IP address if your computer is connected to the internet. It is always recommended to check the IP address when you have changed servers or DNS to see when your IP address has propagated and connected to the new IP address.

A Reverse DNS Lookup will show you the Domain Names associated with a particular IP Address, as many times you can have multiple domains hosted on the same IP address. Sometimes in shared hosting scenarios, it's good to know what other sites are hosted on your IP address.

An MX Lookup for the domain name it gets a list of servers and their preference numbers, while a geo lookup can tell you the geography for the location for where the IP address is hosted.

IP Address and DNS lookup tools are very important to get a hold of when maintaining your 100% up time on the internet and ensuring the proper growth of your website and servers on the internet.

IP address lookup services

Here’s a handy list of 10 of the best websites you can use to find out your IP address (starting with the option we’ve just mentioned):

What Is My IP: This clear and simple site displays your IPv4 and IPv6 addresses, your location and ISP. Nothing too technical and no ads at all.

What Is My IP Address: An easy way to find your IPv4 and IPv6 addresses. It displays what it thinks is your location on a map, too, but this isn't always accurate.

IP Address Guide: View your IP address and run other technical tools (ping, traceroute, IP address conversions) with a click. Handy for experienced users.

IP2Location: Launch the site and click 'Try Demo' to see your IP address, location, ISP, and a stack of other low-level details (net speed, proxies, and more).

IP Address Locator: Point your browser here and you'll not only see your current IP address and location, but the distance to nearby cities, too.

IPLocation: No hassles, no complications, just a simple display of your IP and location, and a Search box where you can locate other IPs in seconds.

IP Address Info: This site displays your IPv4 address on the front page, and has links to a host of other web tools where you can find out more.

IP Fingerprints: Your IP address and a map showing your location are displayed on the front page, and other technical tests are available from website menus.

Info Sniper: This service is aimed at developers, but anyone can use Info Sniper to check their own IP, and it makes the best use of a map to display your location.

Find IP Address: A quick way to view your IP address, location, and other details your browser might be giving away (browser version, operating system, language).

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